City Vs. Country


When it comes to the very important topic of agriculture, different groups of people will tell you different things. City dwellers, whose jobs consist of anything from working a large corporations to working for commercialized fast food restaurants within every street block. On the other hand, those who live out in the country do very different things such as farm or more physically oriented work. Though extremely different these two groups share one major characteristic, they rely heavily on the production and distribution of agriculture, though in different ways.


I personally have always lived within a large city, and therefore have never truly been exposed to the realm of agriculture. I have always known that agriculture is of great importance within our society, but it never directly impacted me until agricultural products, such as corn and wheat, were placed in front of me on the dinner table. At times like these I truly think to myself about how little I actually know about agriculture and how, like me, others who live in the same environment that I do don’t really know anything about it either. It has come to my attention in recent weeks that agriculture is a vital resource to any environment or society, even if we do not see it happening directly in front of us.


In all actuality there is a tremendous amount of labor and detail that goes into the process of agriculture, from planting the crops to them being put down on the dinner table. In most farming environment, this long process includes everything from “the prepping of the soil, the amount of time it takes to plant and harvest these crops, as well as the care they need all the way until those same crops are picked, packaged, sold.” (Mather, Katrina. Many families live their lives off of farming these crops and sustaining livestock to be consumed, yet not a thought crosses the mind of those consumers who don’t see any of this process that goes on, even though it is right in front of their faces.


Aside from this long process, you might think to yourself, “ Well if those who live in the city don’t pay agriculture any mind, what is it like for those whose lives revolve around agriculture?” (click here to see what life is like living on a farm!) It was extremely interesting to hear the thoughts and opinions of my fellow classmates in my Agricultural Communications class when talking about what three words come to mind when they think of agriculture. To be quite honest all that came to my mind was “emptiness” because all I could think about were corn fields going on for miles and miles, and I was so uneducated about this topic to the point that that’s what I thought everyone’s outlook on the subject was. Then the rest of the class shared their three words and I was amazed, words like “life, jobs, health, food” were all written on the board, and it goes to show that since many of my classmates were from backgrounds of agriculture, it was interesting to compare both mine and their opinions since we came from opposite worlds.


With all of this in mind and with only my early experiences with in the realm of agriculture I feel as if I have learned so much already, and I find it quite interesting. Now that I attend a school where agriculture is a central theme, I have a greater appreciation for things like crop sciences and the historic Morrow Plots, that before seemed ordinary but now are rather extraordinary. Now more than ever I look forward to becoming more enthralled with the world of agriculture, and becoming as educated about it as possible.






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