Misconceptions About Agriculture: A Person’s Genes Could Be Changed by Eating a Genetically Modified Fruit or Vegetable


With the growing use of genetically modified properties being used in food and livestock, consumers are becoming more and more confused as to their effect on the human body. Many individuals believe that the genetically modified genes that are consumed from eating these gmos can affect the genes in their body. This of course is just another of those pesky misconceptions about agriculture and actually is not true. Though it isn’t true it is understandable as to why many people may have this concern dude to the fact that many people don’t know about gmos. We are going to look into this misconception and see if it really is true or not.


When looking at this conception we think about whether or not this claim could be a reality. It is hard to imagine that this could actually be possible; to refute this claim i quote this. ” A person’s body ingests the proteins and absorbs the amino acids to use them to build more proteins. The body cannot tell where the protein originates and thus it treats all the proteins the same. Problems occur only when the person has a food allergy.” (www.ncfieldfamily.org, 2012) With this stated it actually indeed is not true that a person’s genes could be changed by eating a genetically modified fruit or vegetable. So there you have it, another common misconception about agriculture, debunked.



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