Misconceptions About Agriculture: Farm Animals in Confinement are Prone to Disease, Which Forces Farmers to Use Antibiotics and Hormones, Which Sacrifices End Product and Human Health

The care of animals that are used to produce the food that we produce, purchase and consume is always of serious concern. The reason consumers must be concerned about this is because of the fact that we don’t just want to put anything in their bodies. With this said, it is of great concern when livestock are kept in questionable conditions that raise concern about the health of the animal, therefore effecting the health of the consumer. Many people tend to believe that when animals are kept in confined spaces it promotes disease and make farmers subject their livestock to antibiotics and hormones, therefore sacrificing the product and human health. Contrary to popular belief this is actually a common misconception in the world of agriculture. In order to debunk this we are going to look at some information that will prove it wrong.

In order to prove this wrong we look at a quote from themanitoban.com. This website states “By housing animals inside it is not only easier to protect the animals from weather, predators and disease, but it is also easier to monitor individual animals from a health care and nutritional perspective. Animals are just like us, they get sick sometimes. I am not sure about you, but when I get really sick I take something to make me feel better. Food is constantly monitored through testing and regulation from the farm gate to the grocery store. Milk is sampled and tested at the farm, processor, during the processing and prior to shipment to the grocery store. This means that it is virtually impossible for trace amounts of antibiotics or bacteria to be present in the milk that you buy in the grocery store.” (www.themanitoban.com, 2014) Therefore with these things stated we understand that contrary to the public opinion about these animals being prone to disease and being subjected to hormones and antibiotics, these animals are actually healthy for consumption. With that it is safe for us to say that another common misconception about agriculture has been, debunked.

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