Misconceptions About Agriculture: Farmers are Destroying the Environment

As consumers, it is important for us to be actively involved in the constant searching and looking in to of information about where our food comes from. More importantly we have to think how that food is getting from where it is being produced to our kitchen table.it so turns our that’s some people that some people believe that during that process, farmers and producers are harming the environment. Many of these people who are concerned about it tend more likely then not to be environmentalists who fight to defend and have the environment. Don’t get me wrong it is important to preserve our environment and sustain it, but this statement about farmers destroying the environment is just false and is a misconception.

In order to back up my statement about this claim not being true, I make these references from animalsmart.org to demonstrate ways that farmers are working to conserve and sustain the environment. “Farmers engage in many different conservation practices that help to preserve the environment. Conservation refers to using less resources and having less of an effect on the land. Practices that farmers use on their farms might include no-till, putting fences around streams, planting cover crops, collecting water runoff, and integrating crop and pasture rotations. No-till on a farm refers to a practice where farmers do not use tillage methods, such as plowing to disturb the soil (Blanco et al., 2008). When farmers use no-till, they do not disturb the soil until the seed is planted. Things such as old corn stalks and leaves are left on the soil surface (Blanco et al., 2008). No-till helps farmers conserve the soil by not disrupting the soil and leaving it intact so that it cannot be washed away by water or blown away by wind. When soil is preserved, it remains healthier and is better able to support crop growth. Farmers are now putting up fences around streams, rivers and ponds on their property to keep livestock out of the water. It is important for farmers to keep livestock out of water sources because livestock can disturb the banks and cause the water to become muddy and full of dirt. Livestock can leave waste in the water, which adds excessive nutrients to the water like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. An overload of dirt and waste can pollute the water, making it unhealthy for fish and other aquatic species to live. It is extremely important to protect water sources because they serve as a vital source of drinking water. Water from polluted sources can also run into the ocean and harm sea life.” (www.animalsmart.org , 2014)

With all of this evidence stated, it is hard to believe that some individuals think that farmers are destroying the environment. So it is safe to say that this claim about farmers harming the environment is simply not true, and another misconception about agriculture has been debunked.

sources: http://animalsmart.org/animals-and-the-environment/farmers-stewards-of-the-environment