Misconceptions About Agriculture: Food Costs Too Much

With the growing options provided at grocery stores for agricultural products, many options are becoming available to consumers to choose from. With this it is also known that with many of these products there is a large price range that these goods are sold at. Many consumers believe that even with all the choices and price ranges provided, the good sold are just too highly priced. This seems to be true due to the fact that over the years even a gallon of milk has increased steadily in price. All though this is true it is actually just a misconception that our food is priced too high. In order to prove this misconception wrong we are going to look at some information that will hopefully prove otherwise.

Taking a closer look at this I reference an entry on blog.fastline.com. This site states “The Truth – Our food prices are some of the most affordable and abundant in the world. For a quick comparison, American’s food cost makes up about 6.7 percent of our incomes. In comparison, Japan was 14 percent; China was 21.3 percent; and India a staggering 51 percent. How’s that for affordable food?” (www.blog.fastline.com, 2014) With this statement we actually see that our food is not overpriced, we see just the opposite. It turns out that the food that we purchase is quite affordable and among the most affordable available. So there you have it, another one of those pesky misconceptions about agriculture, debunked.

sources: http://blog.fastline.com/2014/03/25/top-ten-myths-about-agriculture-farming/